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Wasseraufbereitung Müll / Abwasser Entwässerung Selbstansaugende Pumpe


Modell:  P Type Series


Modell Nr .: P Typ Serie Luft Motortyp: Diesel Motor Getriebe: Direktanschluss Getriebe Warenzeichen: Hongwang Spezifikation: Größe: 2.1m * 1.3m * 1.8m HS Code: 8413810090 Typ: Selbstansaugende Pumpe mit innerer Rezirkulationstheorie: Gas- Hydraulische Hybrid-Art Struktur: Äußerer Dia-Transport-Paket: Polywood Fall Ursprung: Changzhou Produkt-Einleitung:
P type self-priming sewage pump is self priming non-clog centrifugal sewage pump, it is a new generation product which develop on the basis of the latest technology and craftwork. Because of the reliable performance, its life lasts more than 20 years, We take special usage of the sewage pump into consideration on design, so we add a hole to make sure that stronger sewage can be cleaned quickly when pump is jammed. The unique lubrication oil mechanical seal cavity makes the performance more reliable and avoids to damage mechanical seal when it operates without water. To ensure a smooth operation, low noise, long life, all the main components such as imported bearing, to overcome the traditional inherent shortcoming such as low flow rate capacity, difficult to install, difficult maintenance and frequent failure. This pump has the advantages of large discharge, high efficiency, stable operation, strong self absorption capacity, compact structure, convenient operation and maintenance, strong anti clogging ability and so on. Widely used in flood control and drought relief, municipal sewage, city emergency drainage, drainage etc..
Diesel Engine
Trailer water pump adopted domestic and international high quality engine to provide strong power for water pump, we can supply PERKINS, CUMMINS, YUCHAI, WEICHAI and so on famous brand diesel engine for the trailer pump, to achieve stability of fuel economy and emissions standards. Obtain convenient after-sale service.
The trailer with a variety of chassis (2 or 4 wheels, rotary table or guide shaft type, closed, semi closed, open type or silent type). There are also trailer, intelligent control cabinet, hose and pipe, valve, and quick connector provided. Satisfied to customers' needs and field conditions. Easy to move and use.

Water Treatment Trash/ Sewage Dewatering Self-Priming PumpWater Treatment Trash/ Sewage Dewatering Self-Priming PumpWater Treatment Trash/ Sewage Dewatering Self-Priming Pump
1. Municipal project, sewage project, instruction project
2. Transportation of the sewage of uptown
3. Sewage transportation in hospital, hotel and so on
4. Classification if municipal sewage treatment systems engineering
5. Transportation of the factory and contaminated water
Permitted Use:
1. The temperature of medium no more than 80 ºC, the density of medium is 1.0~1.3*10^3Kg/m3, PH is within 5~9
2. Max diameter of solid should be less than 75mm
3. Max suction lift no more than 7m

Technische Parameter:
Unit Model
Inlet Outlet L/s m3/h (KW) (HP)
HW-P2 50 50 8 28 6 1500 1.5 2
HW-P3 75 75 28 100 10 1500 7.4 10
HW-P4 100 100 43 155 12 1500 11.0 15
HW-P6 150 150 90 325 16 1500 29.4 40
HW-P8 200 200 181 650 20 1500 80.9 110
HW-P10 250 250 215 775 28 1500 110.3 150
HW-P12 300 300 389 1400 33 1500 147.1 200
HW-H3 75 75 22 80 20 1500 11.0 15
HW-H4 100 100 39 140 24 1500 14.7 20
HW-H6 150 150 78 280 25 1500 29.4 40
Company Information:
Address Tangzhuang Avenue No. 55, Jintan District, Changzhou,Jiangsu,China
Contact Person Name Tel Email ID
Manger John Zhuang 0086-13815001227  
Manger Jack Gao 0086-15251995562  
Business Condition Manufacture Trading
Consititution of company Pvt. Ltd
Annual turnover USD8,000,000
Company Occupy Areas(M2) 40000M²
Shower room Occupy Areas(M2) 500M²
Mainly Customer & Marketing Europe, South America, Africa, South-East Asia, America, Middle East,
Mainly Product Hongwang Flow Control Tech products, covered water pumps(Self-priming sewage pump, P-type self-priming sewage pump, self-priming clean water centrifugal pump, mixed flow pump, horizontal easy-maintenance centrifugal pump, split case double suction pump, cam rotor vane pump, submersible pump for well), trailer pump units(10-6000m³), generator sets(2-2000kW), mobile trailer, agricultural irrigation equipment and so on. We can design open type, silent type, weather proof type, mobile trailer type, fixed type, and intelligent type by customer requirements.
Sales Team 12(University Graduates) Product Team 125
Research & Development Team 10 QC Team 11
Certificate ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, TUV SUD
Water Treatment Trash/ Sewage Dewatering Self-Priming Pump
Water Treatment Trash/ Sewage Dewatering Self-Priming PumpWater Treatment Trash/ Sewage Dewatering Self-Priming Pump

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